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SkyBox from Vivid Seats is the most convenient and effective way to increase your sales volume and profit margins, and automate your entire business.

Mobile and desktop compatible Free listing integration
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What people say

With it being web based, I can easily change prices or update as necessary from anywhere using my phone. This is huge!

Club Level Enterprises

Integration into both Vivid Seats and StubHub is what makes SkyBox so useful. I enjoy SkyBox because it’s better for my business.

Thomas Coleman

SkyBox gives me free time to do other things and not have to babysit my ticket business.

The support and response times are outstanding. I love the ease of use and access on my smartphone.

Take your performance to new heights

  • Free Listing Integration

    Free Vivid Seats, StubHub, and TicketMaster+/TicketsNow integration to help minimize dropped orders and double sales.


    Freedom to choose 3rd party API platforms for customized and integrated solutions


    No restrictions or limits on exchange listing or pricing.


    Seven-days-a-week in-house technical support staff, robust library of FAQ articles, and extensive library of training videos to get you up to speed on SkyBox.

Ticker page - real-time reporting for sales and purchases

Calling the shots has never been easier

Built on the cloud, SkyBox is compatible with all devices and accessible from any internet connection, freeing you to make critical business decisions anytime, anywhere. Above all, SkyBox is streamlined to deliver the features you really need so you can focus your time on what really matters: managing, pricing, and selling your tickets.

100% optimized for web and mobile
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Check out our advanced features

  • Ticket Downloader

    Schedule timed downloads for delayed PDF releases, automatically creates listings and attaches PDF’s after tickets are purchased (including purchases from Vivid Seats) and receive notification of ticket cancellations.

  • Post-Sale Delivery

    Quickly deliver PDF’s to Vivid Seats and StubHub sales with a click of a button.

  • Pricing Tools

    State of the art tools to guide you in making efficient and intelligent decisions when pricing inventory, including industry-exclusive tools giving real-time insight into Vivid Seats market data.

  • Multiple Users Accounts

    Manage accessibility with individual user accounts, along with user-based audit trails to create additional accountability.

  • Reporting Suite

    Growing list of comprehensive reports to help you manage your profitability, purchases, customers, and inventory.

Join the Revolution!

Thousands of professional resellers already use SkyBox to optimize their business, are you ready to join them?

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It has been very efficient to sell on both StubHub and Vivid Seats. My sales on Vivid Seats have increased tremendously and the support and response times from SkyBox has been outstanding. The most useful feature for me was the ability to hide seat numbers.

William Nielsen

The unbroadcast feature on SkyBox has been the most useful to me. The support and response times are very good and the interface is very straightforward and easy to use. Thanks!

New Line Tickets

The ability to manage all of my listings in one place and the ease of use is the best part. A 1st grader could use SkyBox. It has helped streamline my business and allowed me to increase sales without having to increase employees. The reports are great and allow me to see (in real time) how I'm doing sales wise! Thank you for this great product, I have no reason to look elsewhere.

Response Required Inc.

Having used only StubHub until recently I can say that SkyBox is what a ticketing platform should be. A clean interface that's easy to use, intuitive, with very fast response times and an excellent support system. I really like that all the important information is clearly displayed and easily editable. I can't imagine not using SkyBox now that I have it.

Stanley Mozol

Being on SkyBox now for the past 2 months has been nothing short of amazing! With the help of being fully automated, I can honestly say I've gone from a 60+ hour per week job to less than 20 hours per week. Not only is it allowing me to control my existing inventory, but it has given me more time to focus on other potential winning investments.  The customer service I've received from Vivid Seats has been tremendous (something I was not accustomed to with my old point-of-sale.) The conversion was no trouble at all.  My only regret was not switching over sooner.”

Bizirds Tickets